Call to Action: 2019 KIN Schools Day

Sam Smith is, once again, doing a great job by organising the 2019 KIN Schools Day.
The KIN Schools Day is an event held at schools throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed regions to raise funds to support KIN with its great work supporting kids with serious illness and disability.

The school can pick any day in term 3 and do as much or as little as they like, it might be a free dress day or raffles, bake sale etc. But its for the kids to get involved to help other kids. 

We are calling on all Tweed District and Gold Coast Schools to put up your hands for local kids in need!
Get your school involved : “Kids helping kids”  
Raising money and awareness for local children with Disabilities and serious illness. 

Sam is happy to go to the schools to talk to the kids about kin schools day and who it helps. 

These events work the best if there are active parents at the schools advocating for and supporting the event. Your help could go a long way to making your local School’s KIN Schools Day a great success.

Contact us for further details.

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