KIN Committee Visit Currumbin Community Special School

Currumbin Special School hosted a Morning Tea to Thank KIN for their continued support of Miss Penny’s Music Therapy Program.

What an enlightening experience it was to share and see how well the program works and how much the children appreciate and enjoy the music therapy program.

KIN was delighted by how professional Miss Penny is in engaging the children in movement, routine and enjoyment.

Each and every child, no matter what age and ability were enthralled in the program. The smiles and participation from the children were a heart melting experience.

Thank you CCSS staff and children for making our visit so welcoming.

Thank you Miss Penny, Currumbin Special School Staff and to all the children that welcomed us into their classrooms. The KIN Committee very much enjoyed the opportunity to see Miss Penny’s ability to engage and bring such enjoyment to all of the children.

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