“Shomme and Raah – The Little Book with a Big Message” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith continues with his dream of “kids helping kids” and spreading a message of acceptance and the belief in magic.
So he has written a children’s book to raise much needed funds and awareness for Kids in Need Association.

Shomme and Raah – The Little book with a Big Message

Shomme and Raah

         Wave don’t point, smile don’t stare, say g’day don’t turn away.

Shomme and Raah are 4 years old. These two best mates have the most special friendship, they are always excited to see each other, although they have never had a conversation because Raah can’t speak. This is a book about acceptance and believing anything is possible.

Shomme makes a very special wish for his best mate Raah and it changes the world as we know it.  “Magic really does happen”.

This story is for both adults and children, it encourages kindness, acceptance and message that we are unique. It provides children and adults with a simple strategy how to respectfully approach, acknowledge and engage with people from all walks of life, treating each individual with respect, kindness and compassion. It is my hope that the message:

Wave don’t point

Smile don’t stare

Say g’day don’t turn away

is taught to every child and practiced every day, now and forever more!

I would like to thank my brother Josh, who is my inspiration and best mate. He has taught me more than most.

Luv ya Moppy x

To purchase one Shomme and Raah – The Little book with a Big Message by Sam Smith go to following link and select BOOK NOW and the buy option will come up.


If you would like to come along to the book launch on Monday 30th November 2020 at 9.00am at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, Mahers Lane Terranora 2486, then please book online using the above link.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Hi there, this book Shomme and Raah looks great, how can I order a copy? Thanks Andrea

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