Tyrone is a champion in and out of the pool

Well done Tyrone.

Tyrone is a heart child, wearing his scar as proudly as any winning blue ribbon. Born with enlarged ventricles/ventricular septal defect (hole in the heart). His heart could scarcely maintain sufficient oxygenated blood to keep his tiny body alive. Surgery was intrusive and extensive. Recovery was as intensive and extended over a 2 year period. Even now, regular examinations are a necessity. These evasive procedures have also contributed to haemophilia, some developmental delays and behavioural traits which became additional hurdles in Tyrone’s life journey.

Kids in Need Association have supported Tyrone and his family for just over 18 months to date, providing access to 2 years of swimming lessons/training through Tweed River Aquatic Centre (TRAC) in Murwillumbah. With KIN’s support, Tyrone flourished, speedily improving a natural intuition for the water became extremely evident. Swimming has long been a valuable tool for heart kids and adults. Strengthening and building the entire body, especially the circulatory system. Other benefits of swimming have had a flow on effect for Tyrone and also improved his academic and behavioural skills. The rigorous and repetitive time in the pool helps to steady his concentration and ability to maintain focus.

With all Tyrone’s little body and life has endured, he holds the simple attitude that he always does the best he can for himself. Tyrone’s dedicated work in the pool has seen progress from beginner to school carnival under 11’s age champion. Placing or outright winning his events in individual freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly over various lengths, often swimming against 12 and 13-year old’s.

Kids in Need Association is privileged to have supported Tyrone and other children

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